Where and when will the debate take place?
The debate will take place in Toronto in front of a live audience at Roy Thompson Hall at 7:00 PM ET on Tuesday, October 1st. 
Which leaders have been invited to participate in the debate?
We have issued invitations to the following leaders to take part in the debate: Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada; Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party; Andrew Scheer, leader of the Conservative Party of Canada; and Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

What selection criteria was used to issue invitations?
Our goal is to organise an election debate for the benefit of Canadians. The four leaders we have invited to participate represent political parties that currently comprise the voting intentions of over 90% of the Canadian electorate. It was our determination that given time constraints of an election debate, inviting more than four party leaders would not allow us to cover the range of topics Canadians would want discussed. By having fewer than the four invited leaders we would exclude parties who have significant electoral support.   

What is the format for the debate?
There will be four major segments to the debate, each started by a question from the moderator to a specific leader. Each of these segments also features a direct debate between two of the leaders, followed by an open debate among all four leaders. There are also four shorter segments, again each started by a question from the moderator to a specific leader, followed by an open four-way debate. You can read the detailed rules for the debate we have provided to the invited political parties 

When will you know if the debate will happen?
As soon as the four invited leaders accept our invitation by Tuesday, September 24th. It is our strong preference that all four leaders participate.

If the debate goes ahead, how can I participate?
Tickets to the live debate will be made available to our existing paid members only for security reasons. There will be a free online feed of the entire debate proceedings available to anyone with an internet connection. We will also be providing a broadcast quality feed of the debate, free of charge, to any media outlet or digital entity interested in airing the debate or using portions of it for their newscasts.

Who determines what questions are asked at the debate?
The Munk Debates’ chair and moderator, Rudyard Griffiths, will have the final decision as to what questions will be asked of the leaders at the debate. Mr. Griffiths will benefit from the advice and counsel of a distinguished panel of foreign policy experts from across Canada which will be announced later in August. 
What are the rules for the debate?
You can read the detailed rules for the debate we have provided to the invited political parties 

What languages will be spoken at the debate?

The leaders will have the option to speak, at the time of their choosing, in French or in English. 
Who are the Munk Debates?
The Munk Debates are an initiative of the Aurea Foundation; a charitable foundation dedicated to supporting eligible institutions involved in the study and development of public policy in Canada. Since 2008, the Munk Debates have provided a civil, substantive forum for leading thinkers to discuss the pressing issues of our time. Two debates are held each year in Toronto, one in the spring and one in the fall. Previous participants include Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger, Stephen Lewis, Paul Krugman, Fareed Zakaria, Samantha Power, Louise Arbour, and Stephen Fry. During the 2015 federal election, the Munk Debates convened the first-ever leader's debate on foreign policy. The debate was widely recognized as one of the most successful of the 2015 election cycle.  For more information about the Munk Debates visit our website at 

How is this debate being paid for?

The 2019 federal election Munk Debate on Foreign Policy is funded by the Aurea Foundation. Some of the debate’s costs will be underwritten by ticket sales to the event and subscription fees donated by members. The Munk Debates does not receive funding from any level of government.

I have a question I can’t find an answer for…
We would be happy to answer any of your questions. Please send us an email at election@munkdebates.com and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner. We also welcome hearing from you about foreign policy related questions you would like asked at the debate.   



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